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Workspace Listing








What is a workspace?



The workspaces inside your PBworks network are what hold the content you're sharing with your colleagues.  Each workspace you create inside a network is a common area that can be made private (and invite-only) or be made generally available to everyone on the network. 


Each workspace inside the network is different, and can hold different content, and the People associated with each workspace can have different permissions.




Files and Pages are the main content of the workspace.  Files are uploaded directly from users, and can be shared through the PBworks service via email, sharing the resource link, and by simply giving access to the user via the People list, which you can change if your are an Administrator


The Members list of the workspace are how permissions and management are generally handled.   In the Members list of a workspace, users with "Moderator" access can modify the permission of other users, and the custom folder and file and page security of the content of the space.  All other users may have permission to change content, but most if not all of their changes can be undone by not allowing deletions or making their access read-only.


Tasks should be used to assign time sensitive due dates to people, which will show in the dashboard, profile, and other parts of the service, including notifications.


Finally the Settings of the workspace only impact the experience of the one workspace.  Use the settings to modify the description, properties, theme and color, and also use it to modify if the content of the workspace is visible to only users in the "People" list or if the workspace should be available at large to all users of the network, through workspace security.  Only People added to the space as "Administrator" can change the settings of the workspace.