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The Insert menu in the editor is how you can easily insert special objects into your pages that enhance the functionality of your site.  Anything that contains live, active content from other sites, or from within PBworks, are usually done in the form of a plugin.  Plugins are usually represented by green boxes on the page in edit mode, and are fully rendered when the page is viewed.


Please note that the most common insert operation (inserting images) is not done through a plugin, but can be achieved very simply by following these instructions for embedding images onto a page.  This same process is used to embed video that is streamed directly on the browser through the page.  The "Video" plugin on this page only helps to embed videos provided by third-party sites, like YouTube or Vimeo.



Using the Insert Menu in the Editor


  1. Enter "Edit Mode" of the page you want to embed the plugin into.

  2. Click the “Insert menu":



  3. You'll be shown a menu of available plugins.  Select one by clicking on them.  Additional plugins are found in the "More Plugins" submenu.



  4. Once you pick a plugin, a second menu is shown to set the plugin options.  Pictured below are the options for the HTML plugin, (which is a field for HTML code) but all plugins are different, so the option step for each plugin will be different.  Click "Next" when you're done setting the options for the plugin.  Then click "Insert Plugin" and the plugin will be placed in the page in edit mode.


  5. When a plugin is entered on a page, it is usually represented by a green box in the editor.  This is a place holder for the plugin, and will be displayed properly while in View mode.  Click the "Save" button on the page to see the plugin you just inserted in action.