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Please note: Due to security concerns, only Network Administrators can put Javascript into pages.  If you do not see the "Admin" panel in the top bar of your network, you will not be able to approve Javascript on any page. 


The HTML/JavaScript plugin allows administrators more control over the content of their workspace. This manual section will show you how to use the plugin, what the different error messages mean, and how to resolve them.


Follow these steps to insert your own HTML:


  1. Click on “Insert” button in the editor toolbar, and choose the "HTML/Javascript" plugin.  

  2. In the field provided, paste in the HTML code you wish to use.  Depending on the permission level you have, the window may look slightly different.  Here's how the windows are different for the different kinds of user:

    For Network Administrators,  there's an option that must be checked in order to allow Javascript within the box to be run.  If the script is not running properly, please make sure that the "Allow Javascript and other potentially unsafe code" checkbox is checked on the plugin.  This is not required if there is no Javascript in the code.


    Note: If you're not a Network Administrator, you will not see the option to allow Javascript, because you don't have sufficient permission to add it.  Only Network Administrators can add Javascript code to a workspace page.


    If you don't have permission to put in Javascript, then you will see this warning if you attempt to do so.  This indicates that if you save the plugin as-is, the Javascript code will be stripped out.


  3. Once you've put in your code, click the "Next" button and the window will illustrate how the HTML plugin will look in the editing window (not as it will appear on the published workspace page). 

  4.  Click the Insert Plugin button, and then Save the workspace page.



What does the Source button do?

To edit the HTML code of a page, editors can click the "Source" button to enter source editing mode.  Although this does give you the opportunity to change some of the options in the HTML code in your PBworks Page, it is not recommended to use the source editing mode to embed anything into your PBworks page.  Use the HTML plugin described above to embed widgets, customized HTML, and Javascript.