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Managing Tasks

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Creating a Task
Creating a Task List
Modifying a Task
Modifying a Task List
Marking as Complete
Commenting on Tasks
Deleting a Task
Deleting a Task List
Dashboard View
Workspace Listing


Viewing all your Tasks in one workspace


Each workspace you are a part of has its own Tasks tab which allows you to see the tasks and task lists for the specific workspace.  Click on this tab to see the tasks and task lists that have been assigned to you for the specific workspace you're visiting.



When inside the Tasks manager, the filters on the left side allow you to filter by task title, task list, due date, or the user the task is assigned to.



Grouping Tasks


Tasks can be grouped by associated task list, due date, or you can view every task in a large grid calendar. 



Grouping by milestone will list each milestone and the tasks will be contained within.  Listing by due date will reveal all tasks and milestones in chronological order of when they are due.


Viewing all your Tasks in the Network


It is important to note that not all of your tasks may be in the same workspace.  You could have tasks on other workspaces, which would only be shown in the network home.  To view all of the tasks assigned to you on the network, click the dashboard tab, and then click on "My Tasks" to view your tasks.



Note:  The PBworks Livebar also has an icon you can click from anywhere in the service that lets you view your tasks:




On the left side of the tasks list are the various filter mechanisms you can use to limit the task view, and sort based on your needs.  If all the filters are cleared, and both "Show Incompleted Tasks" and "Show Completed Tasks" are checked, then all the tasks on workspaces you are joined to will appear here.  To see only your own tasks, select your own name in the "Assigned To" filter.


  • Task Title
    •  Type any string into this field and press enter to see similarly titled tasks. 
  • Complete and Incomplete
    •  For most uses, showing completed tasks is not necessary, but if a task is no longer shown, check this box to see if it is completed. 
  • Workspace
    • This narrows the view to an individual workspace.
  • Assigned To
    • You can either view all the tasks assigned to you, or tasks you have assigned to others.
  • Workspaces
    • With this filter option, you can limit the tasks listing to just specific spaces.
  • Due Dates
    • By default, all due dates are shown, but if something is due in the next month, you can change the date range to filter out those tasks, and just see the most pressing issues.