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When clicked, the chat button reveals the names of all users currently logged in.  Offline users are not shown in this listing.


Note:  If a name appears in italics, then that means the
user is now idle or away from their computer, and may not
respond right away.


All Internal users, whether PBworks Admins or Internal Users without Admin status are able to chat with one another in the chat system of one Business Edition network, regardless of the workspace they belong to.


External users are only shown the users that are logged in AND members of the workspace that they have access to.  For more information on network roles, click here.


To start a conversation with someone, just click on their name.



When a user's name is clicked a chat window will appear that you can type messages into.



The buttons beneath the text box allow you to add new users to the chat, and share a link to the current page you're visiting.


Click the Group Chat icon to invite other members to participate in the chat.  Chats don't need to be one-on-one, and many users can chat together in one window.  When you click the group chat button, select the user (or users) you want to add to the chat and click chat to get started.




Click the link icon, and a link to your current page will be instantly IMed to whoever you're chatting with.  This is the fastest way to share a link with another logged in user.



Clicking the phone icon will cause a dialog box to appear to start a voice conferencing session.  The voice conferencing feature is only functional for phone numbers that fall under the NANP (North American Numbering Plan), and are not in one of these area codes: '242', '246', '264', '268', '284', '345', '441', '473', '649', '664', '670', '671', '684', '758', '767', '784', '809', '829', '868', '869', '876', '900'.  There are no options available to change the country code of the number you are dialing.


At the top of the dialog box, is your own profile and phone number.  In order to be included in the conference, you must provide an accurate phone number for yourself.  By default, the number you set in your user profile will be used to contact you, however, you can easily edit the phone number displayed (if you need to be contacted at a different number).

In the middle of the dialog box, select users of your workspace to call.  Since this is over the phone, the users don't need to be logged in for you to call them.  Select the user to call and then click the "Add" button to add them to the list.  You can also click the link to manually enter a phone number for someone not in the network.


When you click "Add" the users will appear at the bottom of the window.  The phone number is automatically taken from their profiles.  If no phone number is present (or you need the system to use a different phone number than the one shown), you should be able to edit the phone number so that the user is called at the number that is needed.  Click the red "X" next to each member to remove them from the call.


The live notifications button contains a list of constantly updating notifications, based on the people you're following within your network and the tasks and milestones assigned to you across the network.  While the network home contains the task tab, this listing is very useful as it gets constantly updated.   For example, if you're in the middle of editing a page, and a task gets updated on the Tasks tab of a completely different workspace, the live notification will inform you of this immediately.



Clicking "More notifications" brings you back to your network home, with a filter attached to your Activity list.  The "Important Activity" list only shows the activity of people you're currently following, pages you've starred, and updates to tasks and milestones assigned directly to you.  Click the "X" next to "Important Activity" to return the view to your regular Activity stream.