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Network Logo

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To set the logos for your network, first, click the "Admin" tab at the top of the network bar, next to the Everyone tab.   If this tab does not appear for you, then you are not logged in as a PBworks Admin and cannot set or change the logos for your network.


Viewing the current logos


While viewing the Admin panel, click "Logo" to view the network logo setting.  You will notice two tablets inside this setting, highlighted below.  These two logos appear in different areas of your network, and so you will need to make them slightly different dimensions to accommodate the display view.


  • Login
    • This is the logo seen at the login screen of your network.   It's best for this logo to be rectangular in shape, and should ideally have the dimensions of 101 pixels high by 178 pixels wide.  If there are any transparent pixels in the image, the white background of the logo setting will appear.  At this time, there is no way to customize this white setting.

  • Navigation
    • This is the logo which appears at the top left of every page across your network.   This has significantly less vertical space, and so the logo needs to be no more than 30 pixels high.  This logo will replace the title of the network, which is what will appear if there is no Navigation Logo set.


Note:  In order for the colors of your theme to show through the image, the image must have a transparent layer and be either a GIF or PNG file.



Upload new logo

To upload a new logo, simply click "Browse", choose the local file, and then upload.  It is best to carefully prepare the logo before, in an external image editor, to make sure you get the right format and size.