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User Profile Settings

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This effects all users of the network, so the setting is only available in the network settings.  You must first click the "Admin" tab of the network, and then click "User Profiles" on the left hand side to change the user profiles.  If you do not see the "Admin" tab, then you are not a network administrator and do not have access to this setting.


Setting up User Profiles

The User Profiles setting allows you to add additional fields to user profiles.  Note that users can always add free-form information to the "About Me" section of their profiles, and all user profile information is searchable.


You can choose to create two kinds of profile fields:

  • Select box:  Add a select box if the information you want your users to add can be selected from a range of choices.  For example, if you have seven offices across the country, you would create a "Select box" which would have those choices set, and each user would pick their location.  Note that users can only choose one of the provided choices and only network admins can add new options.
  • Text field:  Add this kind of field if your users need to type in the exact value, and you don't have to set any choices. 


To set a Select box:

  1. Click the "Add profile field" button.
  2. For Type, be sure "Select box" is selected.

  3. In the Field Title, set the name for the new field (Office), and type in each possible selection in the text box below.  Be sure to put in only one choice per line.  You can also check the "Filterable" setting to make it easy to search the network user list based on this criterion.  Checking the box in this example would add to the network user list a link to show only users in each office location.

  4. Click Save to set your choices.


To set a Text or Date field:

  1. Click the "Add profile field" button.
  2. For Type, be sure "Text Field" is selected.




  1. In the Field Title, set the name for the new field. For this kind of field, only regular text or dates are accepted, so you won't be able to filter profiles based upon this information.


  2. Click Save to set the field.


Renaming the Job Title field


The phrase "Job Title" may not be appropriate for every organization, so network administrators can change this to whatever they want.  This setting will affect all users of the network.




Locking a Profile


In addition to setting custom profile fields, a network administrator also has the option to lock and unlock certain fields of every user profile.  Leaving this "unlocked" will allow all users to edit any content in their profile.


When you select the option to lock specific profile fields, the Network Administrator will be able to check the specific fields that are to be locked.