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Modifying Users (redirected from Promoting Users)

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Modifying Users


External users can be invited to a single workspace, but you may want to increase their access to regular network user so they can create new workspaces on their own.  To do this, follow these steps:


  1. While logged in as a PBworks Admin at the network home, click the Users tab.  If you don't even see the "Admin" tab in this view, then that means you are not logged in as a PBworks Admin.

  2. In the right "Filter Users" panel,  check the "External" check box to see the external users on the network.  This will help to limit the users shown in the Users tab to just the external users.

  3. Click on the name of any External User. 


  4. In the user profile, click the dropdown under the "Permission" field, and set the user account as a Standard User. 

    Security Note: Setting a user as Admin action will make the user a Moderator of every space they are a part of, and they will be able to join all spaces within your network.  PBworks Admins have complete access to all settings and content inside the network, and so make sure this permission is reserved for only a limited number of users in a network.  

    Making a user PBworks Admin to share a single file or page with a user is unwise.  Instead, use the "Share" function to share files and pages with users. 


Licensing Note: Per the PBworks Terms of Service, external user accounts are exclusively for users external to your organization, and the features provided to external users are severely limited.