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Network Administrator

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PBworks Admins manage the settings of the network and have ultimate control over every workspace and all information inside.  PBworks Admins can use every feature and every workspace on the network and cannot be excluded from any content using folder or page security, so the role should be reserved to only a few people in any organization.  Additionally, only PBworks Admins have the ability to add new internal users, and so the role should only be for users familiar with the licensing agreement with PBworks.

If you have access to the Admin tab of your network, then you are a PBworks Admin.  You can access these settings by appending /n/settings to your network's URL:


No workspace, or any content on any workspace, can be hidden from a PBworks Admin.  While it is not required that a PBworks Admin be a part of every workspace on the network, they can only have the role of Moderator if they are added to a workspace in the Members tab.

The PBworks Admin can be removed from the workspace, however, this does not permanently lock them out.  A network administrator always has access to every workspace in the network, which are listed in the "Workspaces" tab.


Special Privileges of a PBworks Admin


A PBworks Admin can do everything that an internal network user can do, and they also have access to these areas of the service:


Access to the Admin Panel

The Admin panel allows PBworks Admins to set the time zone for all the workspaces on the network, and a variety of other global variables that are applied to every workspace in your network.

Adding and Removing Network Users

All workspaces have their own Moderators, and all of those administrators can add their own External Users.  However, the role of External User is limited to the information on the workspace they are added to, and they have zero access to any other workspace in the network.  The PBworks Admin is the only role that can add other Internal Users.  An Internal User can create new workspaces and join workspaces they are not yet a part of (if the Workspace Security setting allows for that).

Set other network users as PBworks Admin

When viewing the user profile of any user a checkbox will appear that will allow PBworks Admins to make the regular network user a network administrator.

View and Join all Workspaces inside the Network

The Workspace Security setting allows a workspace moderator to hide workspaces from other network users.   A PBworks Admin will always be able to see a workspace, regardless of this setting.

Creating Workspace Templates

Workspace templates can be used by all users that are able to create a new workspace, but the ability to create a new template is reserved for the PBworks Admin.


 Edit Profiles

All users have the ability to change their own profile, but only PBworks Admins can edit the profile of other users.  When viewing a profile, an "Edit" button will appear if you are logged in as a PBworks Admin.

 Lock Profile fields

In the User Profiles setting a PBworks Admin can lock individual profile fields for both internal and external users.

 Send users an additional email invitation

In the Pending filter of the users list, a PBworks Admin has the ability to resend an invitation to any user.

Send users a password reset link

When viewing a profile, a PBworks Admin has the ability to send a password reset link to any user.