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Accessing Folder Level Security

In order to change folder security on any folder inside a workspace, you must have Moderator permission at the Workspace Level.  Writers, Readers, and Editors of the workspace cannot change the folder level security of a workspace.


While logged in as Moderator, access the pages and files manager.  If you don't see the "Settings" tab next to the "Pages & Files" tab, then you don't have access to change the security on the folders.




Then, hover over the folder name of the folder whose security you want to change and a menu will pop up.  Click the  link that says "Security."



Changing Folder Security

When the Folder Security button is clicked the security options for the folder appear.  If you make any changes to the folder security, you must click "Save" to set the changes.



The three levels of Folder security are:


  1. Default security

    This is the default for all folders, and signifies that the folder will use the access defined at the Workspace Level to set the security for the folder and its contents.



  2. Custom security

    Custom security means that you can pick which users will have access to the folder and what their permission will be.  With Custom Security set, and no users added to the folder, only the Moderators of the workspace will be able to access the folder and make changes inside it.

    To add users to a folder's "Custom security", just select the user from the drop down list, and click "Add User". 



With the user added, you can easily set their permission level for the folder.  By setting them to "Reader" on the folder, the user will only be able to read contents from the folder.  As a "Writer", the user will be able to upload, edit content, and create new content in the folder.  As "Editor," the user will be able to do everything that a Writer can do, with the added ability to delete content.



Click the red "X" icon next to a user in this list to remove them from the Custom Security list of the folder. 




Going Deeper


 Click here to learn how to customize security at the Page or File Level.


  • Make this folder public

    By making a folder public, its contents will be available to any user without logging in.  Only do this if you're sure that you want to make the contents of the folder public knowledge.