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Removing a User from a Network

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Removing a User from a Network
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Note: Removing any user from a network should be a rare case, and will permanently delete the user from every workspace they belong to.  This process cannot be undone and can only be performed by PBworks Admins.


  1. First, access the network user list on the network by clicking the "Users" tab.

  2. Find the user you wish to remove, and click on the name to view their profile.

  3. While viewing their profile, click the "Edit Profile" button. If you do not see this button, you are not logged in as a PBworks Admin. Next, select "Remove User". You may still be able to remove a members from an individual workspace you have Moderator access over, but you won't be able to remove their account from the entire network.



  4. Click OK to confirm the deletion.  The user will immediately lose access to any workspace in the network they were a part of.  If you add the user back into the network at a later time, they will have to set their password again, and the account will be reset.  Even an account created with the same email address will not immediately regain access to the same workspaces the account previously had.