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Customize Network Tabs

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  1. Click the Admin tab of the workspace to access the network settings.  If you don't have access to this tab, then you are not logged in as a user with PBworks Admin privileges.

  2. Click "Customize Tabs" on the left hand side.

  3. By default, the option to use the default tabs is enabled.  Click the option to "Show these tabs" to customize the tabs.  With this option enabled, you'll be able to edit the labels for the tabs to be whatever text you need, and optionally hide the tabs.

    Please note, these options only impact the display of the network bar, and do not impact the security of an individual workspace.  If the security setting of a workspace indicates that all standard users may join the space at will, hiding the "Workspaces" tab will NOT impact search results or whether or not the workspace will show in other areas of the service. 

  4. With this setting you can also designate which workspace page the content for your Home Tab and Guest Home Tab will be taken from.

  5. When you've made all the changes you need, click the Save changes button to set it.