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Google Analytics

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Tip: It may take a number of days for the Google Analytics code inserted into your PBworks instance to be recognized by the Google Analytics servers and start providing tracking information.  Once you've created your Account ID and placed it into this network setting, you may still need to wait a few days for the Google Analytics dashboard to recognize that it has been installed.  For more information, click here.


The Google Analytics network setting is a simple way to associate your network with your Google Analytics account, so you can track how often your network is used and get some statistics on which pages of your network are most used.  Just follow these steps:


  1. First, we need to make an account on Google Analytics for your account and network.  Sign in here, and click the "Access Analytics" button:

  2. Click the Admin button in the upper right, and then the "+New Account" button to

  3. When specifying the URL, be sure to set the protocol to HTTPS.  Every page in your network is transferred over the HTTPS protocol and it cannot be disabled.   Additionally, make sure you specify the name of the network home, and not individual workspaces.  The network home URL never contains any hyphens.  In the example here, this complete URL is for a single workspace on the "pillboxlegal" network.

    And so this is the complete URL for the network home for that network:
  4. You'll proceed through the normal Contact Information and user agreement steps. 

  5. Finally, once the account is created,  copy the Account ID, highlighted below.  The Account ID should start with a "UA-" and end in a long string of numbers.

  6. Then, access the Admin tab of your network.

  7. And add the "UA-" account ID string to the Google Analytics setting and save the changes.