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Workspace Collections

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Security Note: Workspace collections do not have any security options, because they are not the method to limit or control access to content on the network.  You must use Workspace Security or Folder Security to control access to content on your network.  Moving workspaces around in the workspace collection structure will never hide the workspace from any user, or effect any users' access to content. 


As your network grows, the number of workspaces increases and there are ways for Network Administrators to set up collections of workspaces to better organize content, and assemble a network hierarchy.  Network collections can be placed inside other network collections, so you can easily make an organizational tree which reflects the way in which your company uses your network.  The maximum number of levels that can exist is five, however, you can have as many collections in each level as you want.



On the left side of the Workspaces list is a filtering mechanism you can use to quickly navigate to the workspace collection you are dealing with.  Workspace collections are shown in a tree format, so you can easily see how each collection fits into the hierarchy.



Tip:  The workspace logo is now featured in the workspaces listing.  If no logo was originally set, a random logo will be assigned to the workspace.  To change the logo, access the workspace settings.