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Amazon S3 Export

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Amazon S3 Export
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Note: This is a paid feature.  If you would like it enabled for your network, please contact Sales at  This feature works only with Amazon's Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).  In order to use this feature to make exports of the content on your network, you must first set up an account with Amazon S3.  All credentials and access keys can only be obtained through that service. 


Amazon Simple Storage Service can be integrated with your Business Edition network to provide a simple way for you to export your files and pages out of a PBworks network.  This is ideal if you need to perform backups off-site, or want a snapshot of the data on your network at any given time.  Please note, at this time there is no way to import data from S3 or an Export you create from a workspace.  Additionally, setting up an S3 Export is completely optional, PBworks is built for data integrity and performs automatic backups constantly to protect against system failures.  However, our backups can only be accessed by PBworks, and can only be used in the event of a system-wide failure. 


  1. To set up your network for Amazon S3, first access the Admin panel of the network.  If this option is not available to you, then you are not logged in as a PBworks Admin.

  2. Next,click on the "Amazon S3 Export" option.  If this option is not available, you are not viewing the Admin panel of the network.

  3. In the fields, put in your AWS Access Key ID, and your AWS Secret Access Key.  Both keys are provided to administrators of all Amazon S3 accounts.  Please consult Amazon support if you have trouble finding your keys.

  4. Once the AWS fields are populated, the dropdown menu labeled S3 Bucket populates with the buckets that are associated with the account.  If no buckets are shown, you may not have the correct Access Keys.  Select the appropriate bucket you want the PBworks data to be placed.

  5. Finally, check the PBworks Admins to notify of exports made (if applicable) and click "Save and enable exports" to save the settings.


When the keys are saved, a blue banner appears in the setting with a few options.  You can click the Disable exports button to immediately stop any export scheduled.  The status of the last export and when the next export is scheduled is also shown.  The advantage of using the Amazon S3 Export option is that the normal export is done quickly, as it only needs to back up the files that have been updated since the last export.  Each scheduled export will only perform a normal export (except for the first export where a full export is done). 


All subsequent exports, after the first full export, will only export the files that changed.