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Any PBworks Admin can define properties for the workspaces on the network, through the "Workspace Properties" setting in the network's Admin panel.  To access the Admin panel, click "Admin" in the network bar to access the settings:



Then, click on "Properties" on the left hand side. 




To edit an existing property, click the pencil icon next to the property listed.  A property can be removed from the network by clicking the red "X" icon next to the pencil icon.  Please note, that if a property is deleted from the network, the property is also removed from all workspaces.


To create a new property, click the "New Property" button in the settings and select the kind of Property that needs to be created.  Please note, that once created property types cannot be easily changed (without completely removing the data already inserted into the property).  So, if you need a property that specifies a date, it's best to use the date type, rather than relying on your users to properly format the date in a text field.


When defining a property, you can also define what kinds of items in the network the properties can be applied to.  For example, an "Account Executive" property, may only make sense to apply to certain files and workspaces, and so when you edit the properties, make sure you set them to the right type.  The "Make Filterable" checkbox sets if users can use this property as a filter in the "Workspaces" listing.  If this property can only be applied to pages and files, then the "Make filterable" option will not be available.



Note: Only the "Dropdown Field - Multiple Value" type of workspace property can handle multiple values for the same property.  While you can have multiple properties in one format (like "Date"), you can only define a given property once per workspace. This limitation is part of the technical design, and makes the property value you set meaningful for the workspace.


Property Type
Dropdown Field - Single Value
Property has multiple choices, but only ONE choice may be selected for the property.
Dropdown Field - Multiple Value
Property has multiple choices, and several options may be selected for the property.
Free form text field, to contain any arbitrary text
Number Numeric field to store any integer
Date Field to store any single date.
User Field to store the user ID of any user.



When defining a Dropdown Field, list your choices as one choice per line.  Whether you select "Single Value" or "Multiple Value" the values you list here will be the only choices users setting this property will be able to choose from.



Finally, when setting a property, you can also set whether or not the property is filterable, and part of the filter set on the left side of the workspace listing.  If you want your users to be able to sort workspaces based on the value of this property, check the "Make filterable" checkbox and save the setting.