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Email Delivery

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To see information about email delivery to your users, you must access the network settings, and then click "Email Delivery" on the left hand side.  If you do not see the "Admin" tab, then you are not a network administrator and do not have access to this setting.

If you are a PBworks Admin, you can access these settings by appending /n/settings to your network's URL:



Spam filters work by rejecting a vast majority of the email delivered to a user.  What appears in a user's junk mail or spam folder is just a small fraction of the overall spam content, and normal end users of any email service really don't have a direct way to manipulate this. 


When a message is rejected, and our mail service receives a notification to stop sending messages to the user, then our email system complies with that request.  In this listing are all the users in your network that have been placed on this list.  Once you have communicated with the administrator of the email service to allow emails from PBworks through, then you should take them off this list so we will attempt to email them once again.  You can select all users of the list by clicking the checkbox next to "Name".  Then, clicking the reset button will take the user off the list.





Important Note:   Clearing an email address from our bounce list does nothing to improve email deliverability, it just allows our system to attempt to email the user again.  The email system of the end user always has the final word as to what email will be delivered, and what will be rejected. 

If a user is on the bounce list, then that means their email service has purposefully rejected our emails.  Until that problem is cleared, just removing an email address from this list will do nothing.  If the bounce is a soft or automatic bounce, then normally the end user will be able to clear it (removing their vacation message, or clearing out their inbox if it is full).  If it is a hard bounce, only the administrator of the email service will be able to clear it.


When a user is on this list, they are flagged as "Undeliverable" in the users list of the network.  Only users logged in as Network Administrator will see this yellow flag next to the user.  Network administrators can also click the "Undeliverable" tag to go directly to the Network Settings.