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This section of the network settings should be a first stop for PBworks Admins, as it contains basic set up information for the network.


PBworks Edition

This section of the setting panel lists the edition of PBworks you are using.


Network Title

This setting is the name of the network, which is listed in the top left of the navigation bar. You may want to change this to a company name.


Time Zone

This setting will choose the time zone for the workspace. If network users are across multiple timezones, you may want to either set the time to the most commonly used one, or use GMT.


Help Customization

This setting allows large organizations to designate a contact that users will first reach when they click on their name in the network bar, and click Help.  Instead of the form they submit going to PBworks Support, an email will be sent to whatever user is set as the designated network admin.



Support requests from users will be sent directly to the designated PBworks admin, and they can reply back to the user simply by replying to the email.  If the PBworks Admin needs more help, they should forward the complete email to  The additional information in the email (including browser information and account age) is very helpful for Support to determine the problem.



Default Notification Interval

          This setting allows you to set the email notification interval for all users of your network.  The interval can be changed manually by each user for their own preference, but this is the interval that notifications will be sent for a new user who has never modified the notification interval on their own account.


Workspace Creation

          This setting allows you to restrict workspace creation to only the PBworks Admins of the network.  By default, this is enabled so all standard users of your network can create workspaces.  With this unchecked, only PBworks Admins will be able to create workspaces.


User Group Creation

          This setting allows you to set if regular network users are allowed to set up and modify their own user groups.  User groups are just lists of people, which can be used to more efficiently define security.  By default, only PBworks Admins have the power to make these groups, but with this setting, you can allow your network users to set up their own groups.  The ability to modify a group only rests with the creator of that group, and of course all PBworks Admins can edit any group within the network.


Login Page Message

If you have a special message to give your users before they log in to the network, put it here.