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Network Themes

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To set the color theme for your network, first, click the "Admin" tab at the top of the network bar, next to the Users  tab.   If this tab does not appear for you, then you are not logged in as a PBworks Admin and cannot set or change the theme for your network.


Note:  Changing this theme will change the color scheme for your network, and every workspace where a new theme has not been set by the workspace moderator.  Every theme in use in every workspace on your network will appear in this panel, so you can better manage the themes in use on your network.


About Themes

The theme setting in both the network and workspace settings is a way for PBworks Admins to define the colors that will be used in the interface of the network.  This simple design allows users to easily define and share themes across the network that do not compromise the function of each workspace.


Select a Theme

When you first access the themes setting, you'll notice there are nine pre-built themes that exist in every network and are available for use in every workspace.  Select the theme and click save to use that theme as the default theme for the network.  The network dashboard, and any workspace where a theme has not been set will use this theme.



Add a Theme


To create a theme, follow these steps in the Theme setting:


  1. Click the Add Theme button.

  2. Name your theme.

  3. Set the three colors you will use for your theme.  You can either manually set an HTML color, or click the color wheel icon to use the color selector.

  4. Save the theme.


The new theme will be immediately available from the theme setting in both the Admin panel, and the "Theme" setting of any workspace.



Edit or Delete a Theme

As PBworks Admin, you have the ability to edit any existing theme on the network.  Simply click the "Edit" button above the theme to edit it.  Once a theme is modified and saved, any workspace using that theme will change.



While editing an existing theme, there is a button to delete the theme altogether.  If this button does not appear, then the theme has not yet been saved, so you simply need to cancel the theme creation in process.



Setting a theme for one workspace


The theme you set in the Admin panel becomes the default theme for the entire network so the interface for the main network (such as the Dashboard, Users, and Home tabs) and individual workspaces where no theme is set will be set to the theme that is set here.   To set a theme on a single workspace, a Moderator must access the settings of that workspace and set the theme they want for that individual space.


Click here for more information on setting a theme on a single workspace.