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RSS Widget

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Note:  The reliability of this particular plugin is completely dependent on the reliability of the service hosting the RSS feed.  If you ever see the plugin blank, or not displaying anything in view mode, then it is most likely an intermittent problem with the service hosting the plugin, and not the plugin itself.


  1. Go into edit mode on your workspace by clicking the "Edit" tab.

  2. Click the "Insert" button in the editor toolbar, and select the RSS widget plugin from the "More Plugins -> HTML & Gadgets" category:

  3. In this step, set the precise URL of the RSS feed.  This is not the URL of the regular website, but the URL of where the RSS feed is hosted.  Typically, the URL text itself indicates that it is an RSS feed.  You can also set the options to show the feed title or open the links of the feed in a new window.  Then, click Next.

  4. Finally, click "Insert Plugin" and "Save" your workspace page.