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Creating a Task
Creating a Task List
Modifying a Task
Modifying a Task List
Marking as Complete
Commenting on Tasks
Deleting a Task
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About Tasks


Tasks in each workspace allow teams to build a project plan, track progress on it, and link plan items to relevant documents. Users can see all their workspace assignments on their own network dashboard and profile when logged in and then drill into individual items, post updates, add links to relevant workspace pages.


Members of the workspace can review the project plan and progress at a glance, drill down for more detail, post an update, reassign tasks, or add tasks incrementally as the project progresses and gains more detail.


  • Task Lists

    Task lists are the main objectives required to complete a project.  There should only be a few task lists for any one workspace to prevent confusion or anything major being lost or overlooked.  Task lists should not give specific instructions, but guide the group toward a general goal or purpose.  When a task list is clicked, the tasks contained within that task list appears:

  • Tasks

    Tasks are the individual assignments which need to be completed.  Tasks should be as specific as possible to make sure everything is completed correctly.  Tasks are only listed inside task lists, so every member knows what the task accomplishes in the general scope of the project.  Comments can be made on tasks, and when a task is clicked, the comments, history, and current information of the task is revealed.