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Workspace Property Plugin

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Note: In order to use this plugin, your PBworks Admin needs to set up workspace properties in the global settings of the network






  1. Click Insert, and then choose either "Workspace Property" or "Page Property".  Please note, that not all properties can be set on individual pages and files and that definition is set in the global Admin settings of the network.

  2. Click the dropdown menu to select a property.  In the dropdown that appears, the values that are set for the workspace appear under the "Existing Properties" list.  This workspace already has a "Date Opened" property set, and so if that property was selected and inserted into the page, then that date will appear on the page in view mode.  Click the "Next" button to set the plugin.

  3. Finally, click Insert Plugin and the plugin will be inserted.  In view mode, the text will appear with Normal formatting.

  4. If the user viewing the page is an Administrator of the space, then they have permission to modify the value of the plugin.  This can be done via the settings of the workspace, in the Properties menu, or more simply by clicking the "pencil" icon  which appears when an Administrator places their mouse over the workspace property on a page.  Users with Writer or Editor permission on a workspace cannot modify the value of a workspace property.