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  • If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

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PBworks Livebar

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PBworks Livebar 
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The PBworks Livebar is a persistent module for all users that are logged in to your network.  The Livebar only allows a user to perform actions that are available to them under their account.  While you can use the Livebar to create pages and upload files, you can still only create pages and upload files to the workspaces you have Writer, Editor, or Moderator access to.  If none of your workspaces allow you to do this, then you cannot use the Livebar to perform the action.




1) Recent Items

The Recent Items menu in the network bar allows you to view three quick lists of the most recent workspaces you've visited, the most recent pages you've visited, and the most recent files you've uploaded.  Please note that these are not full lists of every workspace or item that your account has access to.  The workspaces tablet is where your workspaces are listed and the file manager of each workspace is where files are stored.

2)  Starred Items

Starred pages and files is a very helpful way to signify that content is useful for you, and you should be notified whenever a page or file is changed.  Additionally, only your account has access to your starred items, and so this is a personalized list of what  you need to watch in the network.  Click the star to view your starred items, which are listed by order of last modification.  Click "View all starred items" for a complete list of your starred items.

3) Tasks

Each workspace has a tasks area, where tasks and milestones can be assigned.  By clicking this button, the tasks assigned to you from across all your workspaces are displayed, along with the appropriate due dates.  To view a complete list of all tasks, click "View all tasks".

4) Add a Page, File or Task

Click the "+" symbol, and then click the option to create a page, upload a file or create a task.  Remember, uploaded files cannot be edited from within PBworks, so if you want your content to be edited by others and shared within PBworks, it is best to create a page for it.


5) User menu

With the recent user interface update, the name of the user's profile image is displayed in the menu bar or the user's initials if no profile image is available.  Click this to see options for the logged in user, including viewing their own profile and visiting their personal workspace.



Note: The chat and voice modules remain in the lower right of the interface, in a persistent bar.




  • Chat

    • The Chat functionality allows users that concurrently logged in to chat with one another.  Internal users can chat with any other logged in network user, and External users can only chat with users that are logged in at the same time AND share a common workspace.  If you do not want your External users to be chatting with one another, then they should not share a common workspace.  As designed, the chat service only uses the Members list of each workspace to determine if users should be able to chat with one another. 

      If you are PBworks Admin and would like this functionality, along with Voice, to be turned off, then simply click the "Account" and then "Help" when logged in to submit a request to Support for this to be done for your network.  Disabling chat will disable the feature for all users at the same time.

  • Voice

    • The voice functionality allows users to create a conference call with other users.  Please note, this only works with phone numbers inside the United States, there is no method to contact any phone number outside of the (+1) country code.  The conference call is all done over the phone, and so there are no special plugins or software necessary to use it. 

      If you are PBworks Admin and would like this functionality disabled, then simply click the "Account" and then "Help" when logged in to submit a request to Support for this to be done for your network.  Disabling voice will disable the feature for all users at the same time.