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When you upload a file into PBworks and visit that file's file page, the service automatically generates a preview for the file based on the kind of file it is.  For most kinds of images, the image is shown.  For video files, the video is transcoded and can be watched as a streaming video directly on the file page.  Finally, for Office documents, PDFs, and a few other formats, the file is opened and rendered in the best possible way available.


Unfortunately, some documents may render incorrectly in the preview, because they are in a proprietary format that cannot be easily converted.  Special fonts and advanced settings in Microsoft Office and other word processing programs can cause such errors.  In those cases, you may want to export the file to a PDF, to preserve precise formatting. Of course, when the user downloads the file, the original file is served, and can be opened by the application. 


Additionally, the complexity of some files can lead to no preview being generated.  In these rare instances, the user is notified of the problem (see below), and the user will have to download the file to view it, as it cannot be viewed within the browser.



Document Preview

Documents consist of multiple pages and slides, and so the controls for paging through these slides are found along the top.  The controls work similar to how most PDF reader software operates.  The horizontal slider adjusts the zoom level of the view, and users can page through the document with the arrow controls.  Users can also jump immediately to a page by inserting a number into the current page and hitting enter or return on their keyboard.



Print the page
Adjust the zoom to fit the current height of the window.
Show one page at a time.
Show document in full screen mode.
Show facing pages
Set the mouse to select text from the document.
Show all pages in thumbnail view.
Set the mouse control to pan the document.
Adjust the zoom to fit the current width of the window.
Search the document for the text string entered to the left of this button.


Keynote presentations


The file preview does have the capability to preview Keynote presentation files, provided that the file itself allows a preview to be generated.  From within the Keynote application, set the general preferences to allow a preview to be included in the file.  Please note, that this setting only impacts newly created files.  Even if you save an existing file again with this setting in place, a preview will not be generated for the file, unless it is a new file.  Use Duplicate... from within the Keynote application to create a brand new file.


The previews are technically generated by Keynote, and the Keynote application does need to be set up appropriately to generate them.


Video Preview

When the uploaded file is a video file, a certain amount of time is required for processing.  When complete, users can click the triangular play button to play the video file right from within the browser.



Image Preview

When editing a page, editors can use the controls of the editor to resize images, but when viewing the file page, the preview for the image is shown to best fit the current size of the window.  This is especially useful for high-resolution images, so users on all kinds of monitors and devices can see the image without panning or having to zoom out.  Click the "View original" control to view the full resolution of the image within the browser.