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Finding People

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Finding Members
Adding Users to a Network
Adding Members to a Workspace
Editing Profiles
Removing Members from a Workspace
Removing a User from a Network
Password Reset
Resend Invitation
Modifying Users
Network Roles
Using Groups
Group Management



Filter Members


Filtering people by name is the easiest, and most direct way to find the people that you need. Type the name of the person you wish to find in the filter box and press or return on your keyboard.  Only users matching what you've typed will appear in the list.  In the example below, "lender" matches the last name of two users, so those are listed.



This is especially useful to find people with a specific job title.  In the example below, all users with Finance in their job title are listed.



By checking the boxes for "Guest", "User", or "Admin" you can choose which kind of user you want the everyone list to display.  By default, all types are listed, but by unchecking the boxes, you can limit your filtering further to only include regular network users, admins, or guests.




By choosing a group, users can further narrow down the listing.  When a group is chosen, only users from that specific group will appear in the listing.  To broaden the search, click the "X" icon on the group name to remove the group from the filter list.




Additional Filters


Network Administrators can set up additional profile fields for their users, and then use these fields to filter on these users.  In the example below, the "Office" field has been added as a predefined list of choices.  Users can set



User Card


The user card appears when your mouse hovers over the any particular photo or profile in the everyone list.  From the user card, only basic information is displayed, including the user's email address, group, and options to resend their invitation if they have never set a password before.  Click on "View Profile" to view the complete profile.