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Modifying a Task

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Note: Only users who are joined to the workspace as Writers, Editors, or Administrators can modify the tasks of a workspace.


Tasks have their own information cards, designed to make editing the task much easier.  For most task editing operations, you won't need to open the task completely, and will be able to modify the core information of the task (the due date and who the task is assigned to) through the card.  All other information of the task can be modified by click the pencil which appears next to the task when your mouse hovers over the task.


If you click on the task list it expands to show the underlying tasks.  By default only incomplete tasks are shown, but you can click the "Show completed tasks" filter on the left to show completed tasks as well.


To edit the core information of a task:

  1. Place your mouse over the task, and wait for the information card to appear. 
  2. Click on either the date or "Assigned To" values to modify them. 

To edit other information of a task:

Click the pencil icon which appears next to the task when you place your mouse over it.

Edit the task in this way to:


  • Add a link to the task, to associate a page, file, or external URL directly with the task.
  • Change the workspace and task list the task is in.
  • Change the "Assigned To" value.
  • Change the due date.




You can also click the name of the task, and then click the "Edit" link in the task when you are viewing the complete details of the task:



When you're done editing the task, remember to click "Save & Close" to save your changes.