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Overview • SecurityPage or File Level


Network Level
Workspace Level
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Page or File Level


  1. To access the page security of any page, first, view the page you want to set security on.  To quickly find the page on a workspace, click the "Files" tab.

  2. When viewing the page you need to set special security on, in the right side of the page, you'll see a link to "Security."  If this link is not available to you, then you are not logged in as a Moderator on the workspace.  Only Moderators on a workspace can set page and folder security.

  3. By default, the page is set to default security, meaning anyone in the users list can access the folder.  You can click the "Who can see this folder?" link to see which users are able to see the folder.  Additionally, the Workspace Security setting could make it so that anyone on the network has access to the page (if the network users can freely join the workspace at will).  If the workspace Moderator has made it so only users invited can see the workspace in the Workspace Security setting, then only users in the Users list of the workspace will be able to see the folder with default security.

    By clicking the option to "Custom Security" this makes the page private to everyone that is not on the Custom Security list.  When you first set Custom Security, only the Moderators will have access to the page, because workspace Moderators cannot be blocked from any content in the workspace.

    The "All other workspace users" entry is set to "No access" by default, but you can change this by setting that entry to a different option.  To make sure all other users of the workspace have the same access, just set the option to "Default security".  Then, whatever a role a user has in the users list will be the permission level they have on the page.

    To add a non-Moderator user to the list, select a user from the drop-down menu, and click the "Add User" button.

    When a non-Moderator user is in the Folder Security list, you can designate a permission they will have for the page.  This means that on this particular page, they will have the permission level you've set for them in this setting.  This permission level can be set differently than their level in the users list, so you can have a situation where a user is a Reader for the entire workspace (meaning they would only be able to view content), but allow them to Edit content on one specific page (the page you're setting custom security on).