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Saving a Report

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Note: Modifying, saving, downloading as a CSV files, renaming, and creating your own reports are part of a paid module not included in a standard Business Edition license.  Contact or call 415.963.4369 for details.


When you first view a saved report, the save button in the upper right corner is gray.  This means that the filter options, column order, or any filters regarding which columns are shown in the report have changed from the saved version.  Once any of those options have changed, the save button is activated, and you are free to save the report, if you have permission to do so.  If you want to discard your changes, simply close the browser tab you are using, or navigate away from the page.  Changes to the report will only be saved when the save button is clicked.




Please note that information about a workspace from a report is live, active, and subject to change, as changes are made to each individual workspace.  While you can save the filter and column order options for each individual report, the results of each entry in the report are actively updated.


To download the current state of the report, click the "Report Options" menu and download the report.  For example, the Storage value for each workspace listed in a report will increase as files get added to the space.


If there is no Save button available, this means that the report was created by a different user, and so you cannot modify it.  While you can modify the columns and filters in the display, and download the modified results as a CSV file, you will not be able to save any changes made to the report.  If you want your own copy of the report to modify and save changes, then you will need to make a copy of the report.