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Page and File Types

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Any PBworks Admin can create Types (formerly templates) for the workspaces, pages and files on the network, through the "Types" setting in the network's Admin panel.  To access the Admin panel, click "Admin" in the network bar to access the settings:




Then, click on "Types" on the left hand side.


Edit Type


To edit an existing Type, click the pencil icon next to the Type  listed.  A Type  can be deleted from the network by clicking the red "X" icon next to the pencil icon. 


Create Type


To create a new Type, click the "NewType " button and select the kind of Type that needs to be created (Workspace, Page, File).  Please note, that once created the Parent Types cannot be changed.


When creating a Type, you will select the name in both singular and plural forms, in some cases the plural can be auto filled in for you.  For example, a "Meeting Note" Type title, Would read Meeting Notes for the plural field. 


You can select an icon that best represents the Type, for example Page, User, etc.


The next option is to select the workspace where the page/file is located that you want to use as your new Type. Finally select the page/file itself using the final drop down menu and click Save.




Using Types


To create a new page using a Type you would begin the page creation as usual by selecting Create Page






Enter the page name. Select the Type from the drop down, in this case we are creating a page for a project budget. Then choose the workspace and folder where you want the new page to be saved and create the page.